Barossa Chateau Wedding

Rachel & Jonathans Barossa Chateau Wedding

Rachel & Jonathan’s wedding at Barossa Chateau was originally scheduled for late March. However, due to COVID their wedding date was postponed until September. Finally, their new date came around and in a way, it felt Iike I had picked up where I left off from last season. With wedding number two for this season, I’m already feeling a wedding work tempo return.

Rachel & Jonathans Baross Chateau Wedding ceremony was held amongst the leafy space of the seduction lawns. Afterwards, the bridal party were taken on a brief walkabout within the gardens for photos. With formal photography wrapping up in the luxury residence within the Chateau. Rachel and Jonathans reception was held in the main hall with entertainment provided by the Neapolitans.




Jonathan and I met in 2011. It was pretty much love at first sight. We hit it off straight away.
We enjoyed many adventures together, ups and downs, but we knew it was time to start a new, bigger adventure together. In 2016 we made the decision to move in together, and it was certainly the best thing. Soon after, I knew he was the one.

Our Wedding Planning Journey

Many years went by, then in the spring of 2018, he popped the question. Finally! We planned our wedding for March 2020 at Barossa Chateau. Everything was ready by early 2020. We were ready. Little did we know that things were about to go completely south.  The 4 weeks leading up to the wedding was not full of excitement, but wondering if we’d actually be able to marry and celebrate with friends and family.
Everything seemed to be going too well. We bought our first home together and everything just seemed to align perfectly… until COVID-19 happened. Two weeks out we made the tough decision to postpone due to everything happening. Those phone calls to everyone was horrible. In the week of our meant-to-be-wedding restrictions came into place, so we realized we made the right decision, although it was still tough. Our day went by with much sadness, which continued for the next couple of weeks.
It took a couple of months to get over the sadness and playing a long waiting game. As restrictions started lifting we started re-booking venue and suppliers. We managed to get everyone on board again. From here, we sent out new invites. Our excitement levels were still quite low. The date crept up quite quickly. In the end, it was absolutely magical. Not exactly what we had planned for, but still the best day ever. Although it was a chilly 8 degrees, we still managed to have our garden wedding. The rain held off quite nicely for the day.
We are best friends and look forward to what lies ahead for us.
Rachel & Jonathan Heath



Groom's Wedding Preparation at Barossa Chateau
Grooms Wedding shoes and guitars at Barossa Chateau
Bridesmaid walking down at Barossa Chateau Wedding
Barossa Chateau Wedding Ceremony
Bride and groom exchanging vows at Barossa chateau wedding
Bride smiling at Barossa Chateau Wedding
bridal party at Barossa Chateau Wedding
bride and groom at Barossa Chateau Wedding
Bridal party photos after Barossa Chateau wedding

About the Location

Barossa Chateau

Barossa Chateau is located in the heart of the Barossa at just over an hour’s drive from the Adelaide CBD. Best known for the Queen’s rose garden, Barossa Chateau also boasts an extensive rare porcelain antique collection. It also has a beautifully appointed luxury residence, which is available for booking. The best times for weddings at Barossa Chateau are between the months of September through to October and from March through to May.


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Dress and suits: Jenny and Gerry’s
Bridesmaids dresses: Mix Bridal

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