Jono & Flora

A blend of culture

Four years ago I had the pleasure of photographing a friends wedding in the Botanic gardens (See Marcus & Katie) This time it was the younger brother Jono’s turn to tie the knot to Flora.

Jono & Flora’s wedding was a fine example of the friendship & ties that exist between between China & Australia. While the wedding combined some traditional Chinese elements, it was very much a modern Australian wedding. Jono & Flora’s garden ceremony was held on the grounds of Stangate House, with a lavish reception held inside the Mortlock wing at the State Library of South Australia.

The details

For Jono & Flora’s pre-wedding preparation, the groom prepared with the boys at the Mayfair Hotel while the the bride & girls prepared at Stangate House. Flora’s ceremony wedding dress ‘Autumn’ was from Wedding Whispers in Cambelltown. After the ceremony & photos Flora changed to a traditional red chinese dress in time for the reception. A second dress change saw Flora wearing a stunning blue floral strapless evening gown by BNKR for her bridal waltz with Jono.

Flowers were a personal creation by Flora & Jono made with artificial flower sourced from various websites.

For the wedding cake  Catherine Wang  created a two tier piece decorated orange to match the orange theme of the day.

Flora & Jono took advantage of the Mortlock wing for photos overlooking the reception from the second floor. We also had the opportunity for a quick shoot after the reception in front of the Tiffany & Co building to bring the night to an end.

The newlyweds intend on doing it all over again with their wedding in Beijing later this year.

Photographer: James Devine









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