Salome & Heff at Sferas

Salome & Heff at Sferas Park Suites, Modbury, South Australia

Salome & Heff married at Sfera’s Park Suites in Modbury in October 2020. Pre-wedding preparation, wedding ceremony and reception were conducted at the same location making for easy logistics planning. If you want a wedding that isn’t a fuss then this is the way to do it.

With the final fitting of the veil, Salome’s Bridal preparation was complete. All that needed to happen was to walk down the Aisle. The wedding dress was befitting of royalty and suited Salome to a tee. Easily one of the most regal brides that I’ve had the privilege to photograph in 2020 and a simply gorgeous couple to work with! With what started as a faulty mic and a spare computer at an internet cafe Salome & Heff’s romance has blossomed. Here is their story.

Salome & Heff’s Story

I call Alex ‘Heff’ because that has always been his name to me and I’m Lome. We tend to use our nicknames rather than our real names.

Heff and I met in an internet cafe some 9 years ago. I didn’t want to go to high school, and he didn’t want to go to Uni. One day I was playing games on the PC, there was a spare computer next to both of us and Heff was on the next one over. I was getting really annoyed with Heff because he was talking to his friend from NZ; at that time I thought he was just another loud obnoxious gamer. His microphone for his computer stops working so he moves to the computer next to me. At that moment I knew I was not going to be able to game in peace and quiet.

An hour or two goes by and he just casually asks me what game I’m playing. I tell him I am playing a horror game. He seems interested in my game than his own more than anything else. I had to use the bathroom and he notices my Brighton Secondary emblem on my uniform. We start chatting and some 3 hours later we are still chatting.

I knew I had to leave for home as mum was going to find out I wasn’t at school again (not the first time and wouldn’t be the last time I ditched school). Guess what happened. We both met each other again in the same internet cafe at almost the same time, ditching our studies once again. After that, our conversations kept going through text messages, Facebook, Steam (PC) and we played a few games together on my dated 2nd gen Mac laptop, but never the less we had loads of fun together.


Groom preparing at Sferas park suites in Norbury
Heff Preparing before his wedding at Sfera’s Park Suites in Modbury, South Australia




Salome & the girls sharing a moment before the camera. Photo by James Devine, Adelaide Wedding Photographer.



Salome posing for her bridal portrait at Sfera’s Park Suites in Modbury, South Australia



















About the Location

Sferas Park Suites & Convention Centre

Sferas Park suites and convention center is located in Modbury approximately 30 minutes from the Adelaide CBD. The Venue has 4 different function spaces that cater for any wedding size from 30 to 460 guests.


Salome & Heffs Sferas Wedding Suppliers

Are you planning your wedding for 2021 or 2022? Take a look at Salome & Heff’s wedding supplier list for some inspiration for your wedding day.

DJ – Tania smith, Choons and Moovs
Cake – Lyons Den
Florist – Justine – Blush Blooms and Events
Nails – Gettin Nailed by Nikki
Venue – Sferas – Wedding coordinator – Nicole
Dress from Ultimate bride (now closed)
Wedding rings – Angus and Coote Marion.


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