Sigma Lens Making in Aizu, Japan

Sigma Lens making, A behinds the scenes look at the manufacturing processes in Aizu, Japan.

Sigma, Japan’s Aizu Factory, produced this elegant video. Documenting the dedicated work in creating optics that photographers use worldwide. If you’re a seasoned photographer, you would have no doubt come across or used their optics at some point. The company is recognised as the world’s largest third-party optics producer, which produces lenses for brands such as Nikon, Canon & Sony. While well known as a lens manufacturer for other camera companies. The company also makes it’s own line of DSLR’s and cameras.


Winter Landscape
A Winter Landscape in Aizu Japan (Screen Shot)


Having done some factory work myself, I can only admire the skill that goes into the manufacturing process. All the work we do as photographers wouldn’t be possible without the tireless work of the production workers at manufacturing facilities such as Aizu. The 3 part video showcases how Sigma in Japan manufactures its lenses. The video is truly a work of art and a love letter to all the workers of the Aizu production facility. Pour a hot coffee or tea because the start of each video show’s a cold wintery landscape, but then you’ll feel pretty warm and cosy once inside the factory. Enjoy!


Sigma Worker with lens
Worker with a Sigma Lens in a winter landscape in Aizu, Japan (Screen Shot)


Worker on Assembly Line
Worker on the Assembly Line assembles the electronic focusing motor on a lens (Screen Shot)

Sigma, Aizu, Japan Video, Parts 1, 2 & 3



Sigma makes some fantastic and affordable glass that photographers worldwide use. To find out more about Sigma Corporation, head over to their website here.

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