SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: This Wedding Photographer is getting married!

Way back at the start of October last year I finally asked the question that I had been holding back from asking for months. The ring was bought, the parents had given their blessing. There was only one answer that I needed to hear…..’Yes’

So with less than 4 weeks to go until our big day I thought I would share this special ‘selfie’ with everyone that hasn’t seen it, and to give you a bit of a background to how this image came about.

I had proposed to Hannah on a small windswept hill overlooking Wilpena pound & the surrounding Flinders Ranges with a sunset even Hans Heysen would’ve been happy to capture on canvas. Just about everything about the moment was perfect, everything except the weather. Rather than the gentle breeze one would expect on a small hilltop, a fierce gale was blowing in from the South West. The initial plan was to propose on one knee at Pugilist (Boxer) Hill at sunset.


Pugilist Hill, Flinders Ranges
The view Moments before proposing to Hannah on Pugilist Hill, Flinders Ranges

The wind was so fierce that getting on one knee just wasn’t going to work without me being blown off balance. So plan B; we retreated back into the car to shelter from the wind & cold. I used my Camera & tripod as a ruse to make Hannah think that this moment was just another landscape photography session. The plan worked and she said yes over a packet of Fruchoc’s. The proposal was perfect in its own little way.

A Wedding Photographers Wedding

The accompanying photo/selfie (left) was taken a day after our proposal and was entirely self shot. Conditions in the Flinders Ranges were perfect for seeing the Milky way with the naked eye on this night. This particular location was about 400 meters away from the Wilpena Pound Camp ground lights, on top of a small hill. The Sillouette that you see in the background is the southern side of the gap leading into wilpena pound itself. The really bright star that you see in the lower right of the image is Venus setting. It was around 8.30pm Aust. CST with the camera facing the South West.

Tripod Mounted Canon 5dmk2 with Canon 24-70 f2.8 L Lens @ 24mm, 30 sec exposure @ 1600 ISO. Lighting: 1 Campmaster LED Lantern. 🙂