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Welcome back everyone! After a short break I’m finally back into posting to my blog. With the first post after the honeymoon I’ll share my wedding story…from a Wedding Photographer’s/groom’s perspective.

An Early Start

It felt like Christmas morning. I was the first one into the shower at 7am. With only 4 hours of sleep on the eve of the wedding, I felt amazing…Adrenalin can do incredible things to the body, along with a good dousing of hot water under the shower head. After my shower and shave, it was straight into cooking breakfast for the boys. Bacon & Eggs were the order of the day. We were all going to need it.


Jason Wong, our photographer, arrived shortly afterwards and began taking the detail photos of our suits, ties & accessories along with candid’s. To be on the other side of the camera for once, was a unique experience for me. I had become so accustomed to shooting everyone else’s wedding, I felt like I was venturing into new territory….In fact…I was! Countless times I have been the one clicking away at the shutter, changing the lens, planning the next shot. This time I was the one giddy with excitement, and anxious to get the day on the way.

The Ceremony

There I was thinking ‘ok I’ve got this’ I’ve seen this all before…It’s the same look on all the grooms I’ve photographed. The look of excitement, anticipation, nerves….However this time it was my turn…5 minutes before Hannah walked in…my palms got sweaty and my mouth dried up…Our Minister, Judi, asked if I’d like a glass of water…I nervously nodded and walked into the side room next to the alter. That first sip of water felt like the first drink after a desert walk…I took a couple more sips & composed myself before my bride arrived.

The questions raced through my head. What would Hannah look like? Would I break & and be a blubbering mess? I realised, this is it…There’s no turning back now. All of that anxiety and nervousness disappeared when Judi announced Hannah’s entrance. I nervously swallowed and breathed. The flower girls; My 2 nieces Sarita & Chelsea, were the first to walk down to the Beatles song ‘I Will’, an acoustic cover played by Marcus & Dan (Nothin to Lose). I could feel my grin just getting wider with each bridesmaid walking down the aisle. Then Hannah came into view through the doorway…I couldn’t believe how stunning Hannah looked… By this time my smile was uncontrolled. Hannah looked perfect in every way in her wedding dress.


For all the future grooms that will read this, all I can say is this will be the most real & intense moment you will ever experience. For me; while everyone else was looking at the bride in awe, there was that brief moment where it seemed like the congregation, the music & everything else faded away. For that brief moment it was just me & my bride to be, and nothing else in the world mattered.




The Reception

A few months before the wedding, Hannah & I scouted to find the perfect reception venue. After half a dozen locations we came up empty handed. That was until I recalled a place one of my potential clients had booked for his wedding. Mount Osmond Golf Club. So halfway back home I turned the car around and drove up the hill to see what this place was like. Upon arriving we both fell in love with the place. Straight away we knew this was where we wanted our reception.

After arriving at Mount Osmond Golf Club on our wedding day, we took a golf cart to a green over looking Adelaide. We arrived at the green with perfect timing. With the sun setting in the background and the spectacular view of Adelaide it was the perfect spot for our final location shoot before the reception.

A word of advice for the groom-to-be regarding speeches; Follow your written speech to the word or if you’re feeling confident, ad-lib with notes; there is no in between as I found out. After some nervous words behind the lectern, I sat down next to my wife and had a moment to take stock. I remember looking at Hannah and we both agreed the day was awesome. We had our perfect wedding.


A special thanks goes out to my colleague Jason Wong who was brave enough to take on this assignment. If there is one thing that I dread as a Professional Wedding Photographer, it would be covering another wedding photographer’s wedding.

Also I’d like to thank Luke Noble for offering his photobooth services “Dreambooths”

And a big thankyou to our friends Shane & Eb for being our MC and Make-up artist respectively.


The Details

I have compiled a list below (with working links) of the wedding vendors that helped make our day special. It would take me another day to write about each vendor and how awesome each of them were. So, instead, I’m providing the links myself, so you can see first hand why we picked the vendors we did.



Wedding Ceremony: Spicer Uniting Church

Reception: Mount Osmond Golf Club



Photography By: Jason Wong Photography

Videography By: Captivate Films

Photo-booth by: Dreambooths

Wedding Ceremony Music By: Marcus & Dan, Nothin to Lose



Wedding Cars: Europcar (Mercedes-Benz C Class)



Wedding Rings: Gerade McCabe

Bride: Wedding dress by Caleche; Shoes by Regina Sole Queen; Hair Comb clips by Adelaide Hatters

Hair by: Ciba Hair & Beauty

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: forhimandforher.comJenny & Gerry’s; Special order dress & all alterations by The Ivory Gown

Groom: Suit by Hugo Boss; Shirt, Bow Tie & Suspenders by Declic; Shoes by Florsheim

Best Man & Groomsmen: Suits by Roger David; Shirts by Peter Jackson; Ties by Calvin Klein



Table Decorations: DIY Hand Made

Wedding Cake: DIY Hand Made

Reception Cake: Tiffany Charlton

Wedding Florist: Just Wedding Flowers

Reception Lighting: The Wedding & Flower Room

Bonbonniere: Fruchoc’s 




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