The Road to Tolarno Station

Tolarno Station Journal Entry 1

 22nd April 2013

tolarno station landscape outback new south wales

For the first time in my life I knew what it was like to be alone. Nothing but a barren horizon, with bitumen and power lines stretching off into the distance. It’s not the emotion of loneliness, but the overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by desolate isolation. Away from any humanity, away from civilization. At the same moment I have the sense of venturing into the unknown. This was the road to Tolarno Station.

tolarno station landscape outback new south wales tolarno station landscape outback new south wales

A seemingly endless road. The same sort of road that I had seen watching Mad Max. Still wondering if those post apocalyptic bandits would show up. After passing Pooncarie you soon leave the relative comfort of sealed bitumen roads for the dusty rocks and clay. The slightest nudge of the steering wheel can send a 4 door sedan sideways or even worse. For a while I almost convinced myself that I had missed my turnoff. I contemplated the possibility of either turning back to Pooncarie, or to push on to Menindee. With the fading light, continuing onto Medindee became my only choice. Just as that thought entered my head a relieving sight appeared down the road along with a party of cattle. The signs lead to Tolarno station.

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