Tolarno Station, A Warm Welcome

Tolarno Station

Photography Journal Entry 2

22nd April 2013

Tolarno Station Photography Outback Australia


Upon arriving at Tolarno Station, I had to check the car for any damage sustained along the PooncarieMenindee road. A quick glance underneath the car and a check of the engine reassured me that the ‘old girl’ (as I like to call it) was doing just fine.


Just as I was inspecting the car, a young station hand named Matt came to greet me with his cattle dog in tow. Holding a Bundaberg rum and cola in one hand, we greeted each other with a firm handshake. Dressed in a Yakka work shirt & jeans, jacket & cowboy boots. Matt was the epitome of the worker from the bush. I was then taken on a brief tour around the homestead, which would be my residence for the next couple of days.


Since its hey day the Tolarno Station homestead has very much stayed the same over the years. Except for the odd restoration, paint job or new shed going up. Antique furniture and old relics decorate the interior. I settled down with a rum & cola with Matt and I talked about my journey from Adelaide. During our conversations Matt gave me a map to illustrate how big Tolarno station was. The properties land area is almost the same size as a small european republic. Matt explained that it can take at least 45 minutes to go cross country and a few hours if someone were to drive around the perimeter.


As night fell, Matt reminded me to make myself at home. Although I felt I was being rude, settling into such a homelike surrounding. After Matt & his wife, Lauren had called it a night, Steve the other station hand dropped in to say hello. Steve talked a bit more about Tolarno Station and what his role was in keeping the station running. Later on that evening Robert Mcbride who own’s & run’s Tolarno, along with his son James arrived at the homestead. They had hired a truck from Adelaide & loaded it with supplies. After helping unload some supplies from the truck, and some conversation over a couple of drinks at the Kitchen Table, I called it a night.


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