How not to shoot at a wedding!

Wedding Celebrant loses his cool with Photo & Video Crew.

This video has been doing the rounds within the photographic community for the past couple of days, so I thought it was worthy of sharing.

In this wedding video snippet taken in the United States you see the ceremony progressing well, with the sound of shutters clicking in the background. Thats when the wedding ceremony comes to an abrupt halt. The wedding celebrant makes it apparent to the photography & video crew he is not happy. A brief exchange of words takes place between the photographer & celebrant, with the poor bride & groom dumbfounded by what is happening right in front of them.

Although the priest is right when he says ‘its not about the photography’ I still believe he overstepped the mark by making a scene. Looking at this video it made me think what could’ve been done to avoid this situation from arising in the first place.

Firstly I can see what went wrong here…Communication. Going from my personal experience as a wedding photographer, I usually meet with the wedding celebrant before the proceedings, & discuss go & no go areas around the ceremony. The lack of prior communication between the parties becomes apparent when the priest launches into the crew in this video. All of this couldve been avoided by a bit of simple communication between the parties.

When discussing no go areas with the wedding celebrants the typical places that get highlighted are.

– directly in front of the bride & groom.

– directly behind the bride and groom facing the audience. (As shown in the video)

– the space between the altar & audience.

Ideally I like to be as unobtrusive to the ceremony as possible. Usually this means shooting a few meters away in the 9, 3 & 6 O’clock positions. In other words from the sides & straight down the aisle from the rear of the audience. I feel the only time that a photographer should be near the altar during the ceremony, is when the documents have been signed, and when the couple requires a photo with the priest or celebrant.

Do you have a story from a ceremony? Do you think the priest overstepped the mark? Share your thoughts. 🙂