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Adelaide Wedding Photographer James Devine
Adelaide Wedding Photographer James Devine


This is a brief bio on myself on my journey to becoming Wedding Photographer and explains a bit on how I got into wedding photography.

Growing Up in Sydney

I have fond memories of growing up in suburban Sydney during the 1980’s. Although I didn’t know it then, my dads collection of National Geographic Magazine would inspire me later in life to pursue a career in photography. Many weekend there would be dozens of the yellow bordered magazines, scattered across the floor. The articles & subject matter in National Geographic was over my head but I couldn’t help but be captivated by the powerful images that were produced by such luminaries like Steve McCurry, James Blair & Paul Chesley. Seeing the beautiful photos produced by these photographers and many others from National Geographic left an indelible impression on me.

A New life in Adelaide

In 1991 My parents decided to move from the ever busy city of Sydney to the quieter streets of Adelaide in South Australia. During this time my dad would experiment and shoot on antique Kodak box brownie cameras around the family home and during days out. The influence was subtle; almost subliminal that photography would be my future.

In high school I learned the basics of chemical wet process development and learned the basics of photography. F-Stop, ASA, ISO, Shutter Speed, Rule of thirds. It was like an entirely new language for me. In my final high school years I witnessed the beginning of Digital photography and was instantly hooked with what I saw. Seeing images being recorded to a floppy disc then being transferred to a desktop computer to be viewed was only science fiction a decade before.

A Brave New World

Creating an image has been a big part of my life. In high school I excelled in visual art & design and focused my talents towards becoming a technical draftsperson specialising in design sketches & pencil Illustrations. After Graduating High School I enrolled in college to study Building Design & Drafting. The process of translating a vision from mind to paper was something I enjoyed. Although in hindsight the technical aspects of building design bored me. For me I wanted to leave an impression, a legacy. But that would not be found in doing working drawings or creating design sketches for buildings. A few years doing drafting work for small architectural firms confirmed to me that my future laid elsewhere…but where?

In 2004 I went out searching for a new career, quitting building design to work in manufacturing. It was almost a self imposed exile and it was a decision my parents could not quite understand at the time. But this was something that I needed to do. I traded in my tie, collar & drafting pens for Blue overalls & work gloves. This was a time to reflect and find my true purpose. What better way to do it by working a 7am to 3.30pm shift doing the same repetitive task while I thought about my next move & new path. There I could focus and listen to my own thoughts without the stress of an upcoming work deadline. I could clock off and leave my work worries at the door. During this time I invested in my first digital Camera. A Nikon Coolpix 2100….It shot 2.1 megapixel photos. A far cry from the 40 megapixel beasts that I shoot professionally today. But shooting with a small point and shoot camera would ignite my passion for photography in the years ahead.

The Rise of Social Media

The rise of Myspace & Facebook in 2007-2008 played a vital role to my development as a photographer. Without it, along with many other businesses today I would not be here were it not for the likes of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (no pun intended). It was during a music festival in 2008 that brought to my attention; that photography could something I could do as a career, by using social media as a platform to show my work. On that day the number of people requesting group photos and where they could find them was phenomenal. I knew I had stumbled on something big. I had to deliver somehow. I said to myself at the time ‘If only I had a business card’. Without a business card the best I could do was tell them to check out a well known EDM website where they could download and view the photos on their computers. Would they remember what I said and where to find the photos. Probably not. Did some of those people eventually find their photos on inthemix.com.au? Most probably. It was a crucial moment for me realising that I had found something that people wanted in this new social media landscape. A few weeks later I would meet with a local Promoter who presented an opportunity to do social media photos for various venues around Adelaide. I jumped at the opportunity and seized the moment and became one of Adelaides most prolific nightlife photographers for a time.

During my stint as a nightclub/venue photographer, it eventually dawned on me that one day some of these people I took photos of would come asking for me to be their wedding photographer. And that day happened in 2011 with my first booking. Over the following months and years I would second shoot for another wedding photographer honing my skills and developing my techniques with every wedding I was assigned on to be ready for my first solo Wedding. All that fear from the first 2 weddings had disappeared and I was flying under my own power with confidence by the time first Wedding job came to pass.

Why Wedding Photography?

I chose Wedding photography as I career because I wanted to leave a legacy. To have my work matter to someone. To create something that people can look back on with happiness. There are moments in my photography career I know I’ve made an impact when a client shed’s a tear because a photograph captured an important life moment. Wedding photography matters. It is the one thing after the wedding day that will last long after the food & wine has been consumed at the wedding reception tables have been cleared.

What are the Advantages of Being An Adelaide Wedding Photographer?

There are many advantages of shooting weddings in Adelaide. You can be in the wine country in less than an hour from the CBD, you’re only 15-20 minutes away from enjoying the rolling hills of the Mount Lofty Ranges and you’re only a stone throw away from some of the best beaches in Australia. When it comes to potential wedding photography locations Adelaide & South Australia as a whole well and truly punches above its weight. The Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, The Adelaide HillsĀ  & Fleurieu Peninsula All these places are world class and are now being sought after by a growing international clientele from China & India. South Australia’s Predictable Mediterranean climate creates the perfect destination if you’re looking at a wedding in Australia.

Adelaide Wedding Photographer: James Devine