A Wedding Watch

A Wedding watch for your big day. I’m taking a different direction with this post. Rather than posting up my latest wedding I want to focus on some tips to help out brides and grooms to be. Today I’m going talk about a small sentimental piece. No it’s not the ‘Something Blue’ instead I’m talking about one of the very few pieces of jewelry that a groom will wear on his wedding day besides the wedding band. Also if you’re stuck for ideas on gifts for the groom on the day this post will go some way to helping you find that something special.



Watches have long been an accessory for a mans wardrobe in one form or another ever since the outbreak of the First World War. Before this time watches were usually kept in a pocket and chain hence the term pocket watch. With the advent of the first world war the need for to-the-second timekeeping on the muddy battlefields of Europe meant that a watch in a pocket was no longer practical. Enter the wristwatch. Now troops on the battlefield could do a quick flick of the wrist and tell when that next round of artillery would come raining down to the second without fumbling in their pockets with muddy hands while holding a battle rifle. And so it was the men’s wristwatch was born.

Nowadays its iWatches and Fit-bit fitness trackers worn on the wrist. However the classic watch is making a resurgence with a new generation discovering the joy of having a traditional timepiece on their wrist.

Christopher Pyne’s Trench Watch from Wonder Woman

Steve Trevor: That is a watch.
Diana Prince: What does it do?
Steve Trevor: It tells the time. It tells you when to sleep, to eat…
Diana Prince: That tiny thing tells you what to do?

Wonder Woman

Why a watch?

A watch for many grooms becomes a sentimental piece long after the wedding passes. It will be the piece of jewelry that will tell you if your running late for that honeymoon flight. A watch will tell you the time when your son or daughter is born. It’s also the trusty little companion when the battery on your phone goes dead in the middle of nowhere. For many people a watch takes on its own personality and many of life’s little stories get attached to it over time.

Lacoste Men’s Watch.


A watch proposal?

Can you propose with a watch? Sure you can! There are no rules stating you cant. In today’s modern age there is nothing wrong with a bride to be to propose with watch. Also for same sex couples a watch can be the perfect alternative to the Engagement Ring. Read more about the Engagement Watch here.


Styles of watches.

The three basic styles of watches are Dress watches, Sports Chronographs & Dive watches.

The Dress watch: Simple, elegant, clean styling, thin. A watch that is versatile and can be dressed up or down by simply changing the watch band.

Vacheron Constantin Dress Watch


Sports Chronographs: For the groom that likes detail, precision & functionality. The most famous example of these is the Omega Speedmaster Professional. Worn by the Apollo crews it came in especially handy during the fateful mission of Apollo 13 where a critical engine burn took place, with the only instrument to guide being the Speedmaster watch.

Baume & Mercier Sports Chronograph


Dive Watches: The Name is Bond…James Bond. Sean Connery in Doctor No. famously wore a Rolex Submariner. Since then the dive watch has become a mainstay for many wrists in executive board rooms & offices with some referring to the watch as a ‘Desk Diver’ basically a watch that only goes as deep as an office desk. A key feature of a dive watch is its waterproof casing. Real dive watches are certified to go to depths of 200m of water or more. So if your H2B frequently likes to get wet this is a good option.

Omega Seamaster Dive Watch

Quartz Movement or Automatic?

When considering a watch purchase. Think about the sort of movement your significant other would like in a watch. For the engineer in all of us an automatic mechanical watch has a romance all on its own. For as long as a someone wears the watch it will always tick and keep time without the need of a battery.

A quartz watch on the other hand will maintain its accuracy for as long as the battery lasts and as with all quartz movements has that unmistakable tick tock.

Solar watches are also another alternative, offering an unlimited power supply via a solar panel dial. Take a look at Seiko Solar or Citizen Eco-Drove watches.


As with everything wedding it all comes down to a budget. If your husband or bride to be already has a favourite watch that they wear already great maybe look at an alternative gift. If you want to give that special something on the day or during the honeymoon or as a proposal gift look below and see what each price bracket can get you. Beware the further you go down this page the more expensive the timepieces get.

Disclaimer: This post contains non-sponsored content & links below. As with any online buying decisions please check the website legitimacy and authenticity before handing over your personal details.

Price Range $50 – $200

Budget Level timepieces that are affordable and look great. Many fashion brands fall into this category as well but I’ll stick with the classic watch making companies e.g Casio, Timex, Citizen, Seiko. Primarily you’ll find Quartz movements within this price range.

3, Seiko 5, SNKL23

This piece comes highly recommended. Swap out the steel strap for a leather one and you have a timeless piece. Also read the excellent write up from Hodinkee (The Seventy-Five Dollar Watch That Looks Like a Million Bucks) It’s also an Automatic movement! Article here

Purchase link icelonline.com.au

Price Range $200 – $500

Timex, Marlin. Hand wound just like the 1960’s incarnation. This watch screams of Madmen styling with its bubble dome & arabic numerals along with its smaller case sizing at 34mm.

Purchase link timex.com

Price Range $500 – $1000

Seiko Presage. Its hard to go past Seiko’s Presage Cocktail Time Watches around this price point. The quality for price is unbelievable.

Purchase link seikoboutique.com.au

Price Range $1000 – $3000

In this price range you entering the “Entry level” Swiss mechanical watches. You’re no longer just paying for a value proposition but for a Swiss engineered instrument. In this range you’ll find the likes of Longines & Tag Heuer dominate the market.

Purchase links below


Tag Heuer

Price Range $3000 – $5000

Mid Range Swiss Movements. Rolex & Omega are the two big heavyweights of the Swiss watch world. But don’t let the big 2 names overshadow the other great watchmaking houses. The likes of IWC, Tudor (Rolex), Cartier, Breitling, also round out this range.

Price Range $10,000 +

High End Luxury Pieces. By this point if you’re looking through the catalogs in this category you’re not only just buying a luxury item to enjoy but a true family heirloom & treasure. Jaeger Le Courtre, A Lang & Sonhe, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe are all brands that have quality handmade movements and take hundreds of hours to complete each piece. Well worth considering if you’re ready to spoil the significant other in big way.



I’ve only scratched the surface of the watch world to show what is available. Keep in mind there are so many elements that go into a wedding. A watch is just a small part of that. After the final send off there are the few tangible memories you have. Things like your wedding dress, wedding bands & photos. Including a watch is a wonderful daily reminder of that day you said I do.