A Wedding Photographers Survival Guide (part 2)

Everything Else besides your Camera Gear

Okay so you have your camera bag all organised ready to go so how about you? In part 2 of A Wedding Photographers survival guide I will talk about all the other things besides your gear that you will need to survive a 12 hour day doing wedding photography.

Business Cards

Useful when you have that potential client asking for your details when you are shooting! Keep them handy in a case in your pocket for easy access.

Food & Water

I don’t like to shoot on an empty stomach. Pack some food & drinks to keep you going for the long hours at the wedding. The only time you will get a chance to eat will probably be when you get back to your car or whenever you have a little downtime between shoots.

Spare clothing

Bridesmaids dresses will malfunction and mostly if not all the time there is no backup dress. Hence why a seamstress is always on hand if one of those back zippers break.

As a photographer dont leave yourself in the situation where you dont have backup clothing. Shirts & pants may rip, you may fall into a fountain or you just might step into some dog poop while on location. Not to mention a working photographer is going to sweat during a summer wedding so a fresh set of clothes before the reception is a good idea after all the heavy work is done.

Hygene & Grooming

Lets face it you wouldn’t go to a formal dressed in shorts and a tee shirt so why should you dress casual for a wedding? Shirts ironed with Ties, Trousers and Polished shoes…You are representing your business so why not dress to give a lasting impression to your possible future clients. Personally I’d be a little creeped out if a Sweaty & Smelly photographer was asking for my photo at the reception. Its not a good look.

Sun Block is a must for anyone working out in the sun. Especially for someone like me with a Bald head! Moisturizer, Deodorant, Face Towels all come in handy if you want to stay fresh out in the field during a 12 hour stint behind the lens.


Car reliability is essential if you want to keep up with your Bride & Groom. If you don’t have a reliable car to get to your clients you wont be a reliable photographer (in the clients eyes) even if you do take awesome photos all of that will come to 0 if your not at your clients ceremony all because you didn’t service your car 3 months prior, when you should have been at the church covering the wedding vows.

Logistics & communication

GPS & a charged mobile phone with the clients Itinerary also a watch so you can keep track of time at a glance 😉 Phone Numbers of the clients should be saved to your phone well before the big day.

Rest & Fitness

Keep fit & get lots of rest before the big day. You will be more alert and be able to think straight. Better than only having 3 hours sleep with a hangover because you had a big night out. Have a full breakfast with Coffee & a good long shower to gather your thoughts and ideas for the shoot ahead.


Artistic flair, Technical Knowledge etc are things that I can’t put into a checklist. Those are things that only come with time, practice & research. If you are able to be more prepared before a wedding the less stressed you will be about shooting wedding photos.




Before you go running off and start making a magical checklist from this blog please consider your own situation. Every photographer is different and every photographer has their own modus operandi. I encourage you to go and make your own checklist on the things that you yourself you may need before a wedding. This  blog should not be used as a template! These are just SOME ideas on how to prepare before a wedding as a photographer. 

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