The Baptism of baby Vincent

An Orthodox Baptism

The Baptism Photography of Baby Vincent. A couple of months ago Stephanie & Adam booked me to photograph baby Vincent’s Baptism. They were former wedding clients of mine in December 2014. So to have them return for this occasion was an honor.

Catholic & Orthodox church ceremonies are steeped in rituals. The rituals & prayers required for a service mean a ceremony can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. This creates opportunities to explore different angles and good moments to emerge for a shot. A photographer isn’t as restricted covering a baptism compared to a wedding. Due to not needing to work around bridal parties or large church congregations. Covering something like this was a nice fresh change from the usual ceremony coverage. Bookings permitting I look forward to covering more orthodox baptisms in the future.

Note: Prices for Baptism photography available soon.

Photography By James Devine
















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