Illuminate Adelaide 2021, The Street Photography Diaries Entry 2

Illuminate Adelaide Festival Winter 2021

In Winter 2021 the Illuminate Adelaide Festival provided a welcome relief for many. People were looking for a sense of normality. For struggling businesses along the Rundle street precinct, the Festival gave them an opportunity to fill the tables. The festival really was that first tentative signs that we were on the long road back to normality. As luck would have it a few weeks later Adelaide went into a brief lockdown. But for a little while Adelaide enjoyed some of the freedoms only the Eastern states could only dream of.

The following photos were taken on my Fujifilm X100t. I used the Velvia film JPEG simulation with a bit of post Lightroom work. I really enjoyed the X100T’s ability to create fantastic renditions of the films of old, but having shot on 35mm as a self indulgence exercise I can say Fujifilm have come closer than any other camera company in creating a tactile and traditional photographic experience with their cameras with maybe the exception of Leica.

While I didn’t focus too much on the Illuminate exhibits in these shots, I feel they captured the ambience and mood on the street at the time. As a photographer the Illuminate Adelaide festival is a great time to play around with low light photography. Also the Fringe Festival during March is a great for interesting lighting. But you don’t need special events to take great low light photos. Street photography at night is all about searching for the light and using it to paint your image. Adelaide might not be Shinjuku district but if you’re hunting for light at night there’s plenty of opportunities if you know when and where to look.

To discover what Illuminate Adelaide is all about check out the website here for more info


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Illuminate Adelaide 2021 night photography