Street Photography Diaries Entry 1

Documenting Adelaide Street Photography

I wanted to document my home town Adelaide with Street Photography and present it in a different light. Adelaide is known for its wide open planned street layouts. And for a lot of people it has a reputation of being fairly vanilla or unexciting. But with this post I want to change that perception. It can be gritty, mysterious and worthy of exploring at least as a photographer. 

Getting around the Adelaide CBD is pretty easy. Everywhere is virtually within a 10 minute walk. Unlike it’s eastern state contemporaries of Sydney and Melbourne, you really can’t get lost within Adelaides CBD. All the streets have a North, South, East, West orientation, so its pretty easy to get your bearings. If you’re spending time around the CBD you can easily find some interesting points for street photography.   

Here are just a few examples I’ve shot in the past few months in Adelaides. I wanted a more raw more and gritty aesthetic so I shot in dimly lit environs to set the mood. I used my Fujifilm X100T and a Nisi Black Pro mist filter to emulate Cinestill film stock.


Eliza Street at night.


A Harley Davidson motorbike.


Nice to  meat you sign.


Gogi plus 82 signage


Young Street sign, looking down Franklin st in the city.


Panoramic 1:2.7 of Nhu Lan and Street lighting.




Places to check out.

Eliza St, Western end. Just off Franklin and Waymouth Streets. It has nice Melbournesque vibe especially when you have the likes of Gogi+ 82 Korean BBQ. Best enjoyed with good company but the price is just right. There are plenty of other places dotted within the square mile and with a bit of patientence and timing you’ll be rewarded. 

Adelaide Central Markets is the perfect place to people watch and grab a nice cheap eat in the process. Good dim lighting present some good moody opportunities to shoot. 

Rundle Street is full of vibrance and evening energy and is essentially the heart of Adelaide. Where people dine, shop socialise and celebrate. It’s a great place to capture light and life. Best time of year to shoot would easily be during the mad march season with the annual Fringe festival. Plenty of people and plenty of interesting light to work with. 


What I like to shoot with.

For my work I typically shoot with Sony A7Rii and a Sony A7iii. For all my street or travel my go-to is the Fujifilm X100T. It’s been my mainstay point and shoot for the past few years. Although that will change soon once I switch over to the Ricoh GRiii. Which I’m looking forward to shooting with in the near future. You can check out both cameras here at DPreview or have a look at Twin City Camera’s where you can find some great deals. 


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